Hotel Reservations

We would like to introduce a ‘Direct Booking Link’ to all of our valued partners. Please embed this link  2016 Henderson Cup Direct Booking Link into our logo (attached) along with the content below and post on your website as soon as possible. This is a value add to the hotel booking process that is already in place for your tournament(s). 

“Official Tournament Hotels” available for ALL tournament participants. Pre-negotiated group rates available on advance booking 21-30 days prior to the tournament. Simply click the RoomRoster logo to make a reservation.   

If you are a member of a team contact your Team Manager to see if they have selected a Team Hotel.

The Direct Booking link will provide access directly from your tournament website to the list of official hotels. For example, if a Team Manager does not want to set up a block of rooms or there are friends and/or family that want to attend for support, they can use this link to book their individual rooms.