Meet The Staff

ED & Judy Bio

Done and ready, Aaron will be writing & collecting more content to send shortly.

Mission Statement

Aaron will send the Mission Statement & other copy he had drafted for the Trillium Grant.

Sponsors Copy

Actively searching for sponsors for the 2022-2023 season. All sponsorship dollars go towards benefitting the children in the program, to subsidize the cost of the program for children who are experiencing financial difficulties.

General Notes to Include in Website Copy:

30+ years as a soccer club
2026 World Cup, etc. coming soon to Canada and the sport is finally coming to prominence with as much passion as in Europe
(US MLS in 1994) - Website Copy can include information on Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps building the popularity of Canadian professional soccer
Currently, soccer is #1 in Canada for most registered youth athletes—Aaron will provide statistics on this
In the past, the organization has made donations of unused equipment and jerseys to Africa & Vietnam

Tribute to the Club’s Former Soccer Complex

18 fields
Grew from 6 to 18 full sized fields, with 9 mini fields
32 acres on the corner of Oxford and Highbury Ave., London, ON
Part of the club history, Aaron will send photos
John Henderson Memorial Soccer Tournament was taken over by the club in 1997 to 2018. From 60 teams to 225. Province-wide and US teams came to compete.

Aaron’s Goals for London United

Phase #1: Website, platform, community

Phase #2: Training Content & Building subscriber base for training programs.

Long-Term: Draw players from outside the club to subscribe to training programs.

10 teams, grassroots level and youth development (instead of hyper-competitive environment), cycles of registrations per year.
Smaller and more nimble organization, providing the best programming for London youth.
Players have had to learn to pivot their training from in-person team training to individual, remote, skill training.
Programming through zoom and a shared competitive drill chart to measure and benchmark player performance for skills such as juggling the ball. Amalgamate scores amongst teammates internally.
Aaron has experience working with Ben Johnson's track trainer for speed training, sprinting, strength & conditioning, and he has adapted these principles into his soccer-specific training methods. Athletics down the road instead of soccer-specific.

Replace Home Page Schedule

September programming for tryouts - Aaron will send a schedule

Athlete Spotlight/Player of the Month

"Meet the player of the Month" to help with athlete exposure
Athlete Spotlight with introduction video, 30 secs.

Veo Sports Camera

Aaron is discussing this option to later add as a feature to the club/website